Anti-Fog Ski Goggle For Men And Women

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  • Allows you to be protected when you go out skiing
  • Has excellent collision protection & comfortable wearing experience
  • With a smart ventilation system that prevents fogging
  • Material: Polycarbonate/ TPU
  • Package content: 1 x Anti-Fog Ski Goggle
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Anti-Fog Ski Goggle For Men And Women

An anti-fog ski goggle is a ski accessory that is ideal to use for both men and women. It is actually also considered a protective gear for the eyes. Wearing this kind of goggle is essential, especially if out in the snow. This particular goggle has an anti-fog feature that allows you to see properly when skiing. During skiing, there are small particles of snow that might go to your face. And most specifically to your eyes. Which is really vital. Because if your eyes are not protected, you will not be able to see very well. So it is really important to have and wear protective gear. This particular goggle has an anti-impact structure. As a result, even if you trip and fall while skiing, it will not break. Furthermore, the goggle is user-friendly, so it is easy to wear and remove.

Enhanced Overall Performance

This goggle is definitely not your ordinary goggle. It has an enhanced overall performance that you will not normally see in other brands or products. First off, as mentioned above, it has an anti-fog feature. Most of the time, wearing goggles create moisture. And with that, it makes your vision blurry while wearing the goggle. But with this one, it can let you keep using the goggle even when there is moisture.

Aside from the anti-fog feature, it has an anti-scratch performance. Meaning, even if you touch it by wiping or cleaning it, it will not have a scratch. If your goggles will have a scratch, it also makes your vision blurry. So the anti-scratch feature is really a good thing. Furthermore, the goggles have UV400 protection, so it really protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Moreover, the goggle has a REVI mirror reflection. So you can actually use it as a mirror if badly needed.

To add the enhanced overall performance is the fact that this goggle is helmet-compatible. This only means that you can use this goggle even if you are wearing a helmet. Making you more safe and protected when ding skiing.

Smart Ventilation

The design of the goggle has a streamlined design. It has an aerodynamic ventilation system that provides better air circulation. This is because of the five regular venting holes in the foam of the goggle. Furthermore, it has eight extra small venting holes in the lens. This system actually helps rip away moisture from the inner lens. 

Specification: Anti-Fog Ski Goggle For Men And Women

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ski goggles



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ski glasses

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Ski Eyewear

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Women Man

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Anti-Fog Ski Goggle For Men And Women
Anti-Fog Ski Goggle For Men And Women


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