Anti Skid Gloves For Winter Sports Activities


  • Water proof gloves that keep your hands warm during outdoor winter fun
  • Great for skiing, snowmobile riding, or even climbing
  • Keeps your hands super warm with thick wool layer for thermal insulation
  • 360 degrees windproof warm lock temperature
  • With breathable cotton filler
  • Striated taslan fabric that makes it waterproof
  • Non-slip palm material
  • Anti lost button design
  • Free size, adjustable strap
  • Different printed designs
  • Color: Yellow / Blue / Red / White
  • Material: Cotton, Leather, PU
  • Package Content: 1 pair Gloves
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Anti Skid Gloves For Winter Sports Activities

Anti skid gloves make our grip firm so that things don’t easily slip off our hold. This is especially important when you’re looking for a pair of thick winter gloves. Keeping your hands warm in the snow is quite essential however giving you a firm grip is equally crucial.

There are active folks out there who still want to have their share of fun despite the cold winter snow. Read on to know more about the benefits and the features of a good pair of winter gloves.

Benefits of Wearing Winter Gloves

As already stated above, the main purpose of these gloves is to provide warmth to the one wearing them. When the temperature outside drops during winter, it’s impossible to go out without these. If you try to do so, you might be able to feel the freezing temperature penetrating your skin.

Aside from protecting your hand from the freezing wind and cold.

And lastly, these gloves add flair to your sense of style. Let’s face it, for whatever reason you are going out there, gloves with cool patterns do make you look fashionable.

Features of These Pair of Warmers 

The following features below make these gloves the best for winter outdoor activities:

First, these gloves keep you warm. They have cotton filler for thermal insulation. They are also designed with a tight-fitting cuff to lock in and maintain the warm temperature. Also, the thick layer of wool makes them windproof.

Second, these are waterproof gloves. Since snow naturally melts, the striated Taslan fabric renders it waterproof and prevents it from getting the gloves wet.

Third, it has a non-slip palm textile that will allow you to have a tight grip and will keep you safe in various winter sports activities.

Fourth, even with all these protective features, the materials are soft and breathable to give you extra comfort while wearing them.

Fifth, they have a wide range of choices in terms of stylish print designs and colors. And although they only have free size, a built-in adjustable strap provides a snug fit.

So, this winter, do not let the snow hamper your active lifestyle. While keeping yourself warm, go out there and get yourself some real fun.

Specification: Anti Skid Gloves For Winter Sports Activities

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ski gloves


Cotton, Leather, PU

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Anti Skid Gloves For Winter Sports Activities
Anti Skid Gloves For Winter Sports Activities


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