Arm Rod 20 KG Hand Gripper Arm Exercising


  • An arm exerciser made of plastic, great in strength.
  • Spring made from stainless steel.
  • A fitness training equipment, lets you experience chest expansion on regular use.
  • Weight of the product is 20 kg.
  • Package contents: 1 x arm rod spring exerciser.
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An Arm Exerciser For Strength And Health Of The Arms

We all want to have great health and strength for our bodies. The arm exerciser is a product that will help you build a good strength in your arms. The product is of good quality. It is basically for the purpose of fitness training, specifically for chest expansion. It is among the many popular types of equipment for fitness. The product is of plastic as well as stainless steel. The stainless steel actually forms the spring in the equipment. Coming to further features of the exerciser, the product contains a dual-spring design. Due to this kind of design, it is not easy to deform it or even bend it in any way. Furthermore, the design of the device helps by preventing sliding injuries among the users.

Uses And Features Of The Arm Exerciser

The exercising equipment is strong and durable. If you exercise with this device you are most likely to receive great effects. They will be in the form of strength and really admirable. Moreover, the exercising device is in the form of a thick steel pipe wall. That is why one cannot easily bend or deform the piece. Also, the product does not damage as a result of merely odd circumstances. The handle is resistant to wearing off. In fact, the handle is one with the anti-slipping property. This is much required in this kind of device to prevent injuries, for good use and to get positive results. Let us get ahead with the details.

It’s All There – Durability, Quality, And Strength

The exerciser is itself strong equipment. It is of strong, quality-driven and durable material. The product allows you to exercise for your arms, shoulders as well as your back muscles. All this makes them stronger and healthier with time and regular usage. Furthermore, carbon springs are the selected ones. They have a good deal of elasticity in them as well.

Specification: Arm Rod 20 KG Hand Gripper Arm Exercising

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Arm Rod 20 KG Hand Gripper Arm Exercising
Arm Rod 20 KG Hand Gripper Arm Exercising


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