Ball Bearing Deep Groove Steel Sealed Ball Bearings


  • 100% brand new and with good quality
  • Very useful and can be for a variety of items
  • Size:Approx.8x22x7mm
  • Material: Bearing steel
  • Package content: 10 x Ball Bearings
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Ball Bearing Deep Groove Steel Sealed Ball Bearings

This ball bearing, in particular, is a deep groove radial bearing. It is a type of bearing that you can actually use for bicycles and motorcycles because it is with a rolling element.  This rolling element uses balls in order to maintain the separation of the bearing races.  Deep-groove bearings actually get to support higher loads than that of a shallower groove. Deep-groove bearing is similar to that of an angular contact bearing. They support both the axial loads and the radial loads.

The main purpose of such bearings is to minimize the friction when it does the rotational movement of the radial and axial load. Furthermore, it also supports both the radial and axial loads. You can attain the purpose by using at least two pieces of races in order to contain the balls.

Different Uses of Ball Bearing

A lot of people may not realize it but there are actually a lot of different uses for such ball bearings. As stated above, ball bearings work by transferring the load from the outer race to the ball and on to the inner race. As a matter of fact, ball bearings have proven time and again that it does the job well. And they are actually easy to make and manufacture.

They are useful in different products that we actually may not realize. They are present in a lot of kitchen appliances like blenders. It is also present in a lot of fitness and exercise pieces of equipment. Furthermore, these bearings are also present in a lot of other household appliances. It can range from DVD and CD players, washing machines, fans, and even water pumps. And lastly, they are also present in bicycles. The list actually goes on and on but one thing is for sure, this small piece may be small, but it is definitely useful.

Specs Of The Product

The material of the product is bearing steel. One purchase already includes 10 pieces of ball bearings. SO it is really worth it. The size is approximately 8mm x 22mm x 7mm.


Specification: Ball Bearing Deep Groove Steel Sealed Ball Bearings

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Ball Bearings







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Ball Bearing Deep Groove Steel Sealed Ball Bearings
Ball Bearing Deep Groove Steel Sealed Ball Bearings


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