Basketball Party Supplies Birthday Party Decorations

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  • A complete package that helps you save time and money as you throw a basketball-themed party
  • Has a design and color theme that is suitable for a basketball-themed party
  • Cute designs, a complete package, and creative
  • Ideal for kiddie parties ( and even for adults who are basketball enthusiasts)
  • Package content:
    • 50 x Orange Latex Balloons – 12″
    • 50 x Black Latex Balloons – 12″
    • 8 x Foil Basketball Balloon – 8″
    • 12 x Cupcake toppers – 9cm
    • 4 x Cake toppers
    • 1 x roll point balloon gluepoint
    • 1 x roll balloon chain
    • 1 x plastic straw
    • 1 x balloon tie tool
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Basketball kit
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Basketball Party Supplies: Best For Your Party Decorations

These basketball party supplies are a complete package to make that perfect basketball themed party your kids can ever wish for. It has everything you can ever need to make the party a blast. It is a combination of different party decorations that is basketball themed. This package serves as a one-stop-shop for your party needs.  Save time and spare yourself the hassle as you prepare for a party.

What Is Inclusive In The Package?

Preparing for a party can really be tiring, time-consuming and can cost you money. All the more if there is a theme to it. For a party that has a basketball theme, there is a particular color scheme that you need to consider. Also, the designs, decors, and images should be something that is connected to basketball. The package of these particular supplies includes a variety and will surely not be put to waste.

It has 50 pieces of black latex balloons that are 12  inches in size. In addition, it also has 50 pieces of orange latex balloons that are also 12  inches in size. Take note that the black and orange are the perfect color combination for a basketball theme because it resembles the color of the ball. Furthermore, it has 8 pieces of foil balloons that have a basketball design and is 8 inches in size. Moreover, the package even includes  1 roll of balloon chain, 1 piece balloon tying tool, 1 piece straw and 1 roll of point stickers. This is in case you want to make an arch out of the 100 pcs of orange and black balloons.

Lastly, it even has a decorative cake and cupcake toppers to make cupcakes look more attractive. The cupcake toppers come in assorted designs: basketball, basketball ring and different kids holding a basketball. The size is 9cm, not too big for a regular-sized cupcake and not too small, just right. This cake topper comes in packs of 6. For this particular package, there is a total of 2 packs so there are 12 pieces all in all. The cake topper, on the other hand, has 4 assorted designs.



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Basketball Party Supplies Birthday Party Decorations
Basketball Party Supplies Birthday Party Decorations


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