Bearing And Its Protection Cover For Your Bikes


  • The bearing protection cover is practical, brand new, and convenient to use.
  • It is a medium shaft bearing protection cover.
  • The inner diameter is 24 mm and crankshaft diameter is 24 mm.
  • Material used is engineering plastic.
  • Color: available in black.
  • Package contents: 2 x bearing protection covers.
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Bearing And Its Protection Cover For Your Bikes

Bearings is an important part of all bikes. Without a bearing, bikes cannot work. So it becomes significant to keep them in good condition. The bearings’ protection cover is a product to keep it in good condition and allow its maximum usage by the bikers. This protection cover has a good performance to its credit. It is waterproof as well as dustproof. It has the capacity to enhance the life of the bearings in your bikes. You just need to install the protection cover to the bearings and there you go. Once you lock the crank, there is also no slack. Let us read more about the protection covers for the bike bearings.

Bearing Protection Cover: Its Easy installation

The protection cover is very easy to install. Not just the experienced ones, but even the beginners will find it easy to install the product to protect the bearings from various damaging things. You do not require any special tools to do so. You may not even use any tools to do the installation as that is not necessary. Just some manual work is required. Press the cover manually and you can hence install the protection cover to the bearings for your bikes. After that, you will be more confident with the bike part and its condition even on a long term basis.

Some Features Of The Protection Covers For Bearings

The protection cover for bike bearings has a high-quality standard. It is of an engineering plastic material of high quality. The product also carries a good deal of durability level. It comes at some specific diameters, both inner diameter as well as the crank diameter. Bearings are important for bikes to function. They are one of the basic components of the bikes of all kinds. And therefore they require care and protection for better and long use. So the protection cover can contribute considerably in helping you keep them usable.


Specification: Bearing And Its Protection Cover For Your Bikes

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24mm Inner Diameter


Mountain Bikes

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Bearing And Its Protection Cover For Your Bikes
Bearing And Its Protection Cover For Your Bikes


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