Bicep Workout With Power Stick Pull Rope



  • Bicep Roller is made up of nylon and iron.
  • It is useful for arm, chest, and shoulder exercises.
  • It weighs around 150 kg.
  • Get your gym at your home now.
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Bicep Workout With Power Stick Pull Rope


Workouts are something that is part of our daily lives. Besides, if you love to do bicep workout, then you must know about the right equipment for better results. They help us in muscle building and keeping us fit. If you are looking for something which helps you with your home exercises without the need of going to the gym, then we recommend you to use this product. You will be surprised to know its amazing features.



It is a wrist roller for arm workouts, which makes your exercises more diverse. This is a power stick roller for fitness training. It includes a handle, a nylon rope, dumbbell disk bracket, a pulley, and a hanging strap. It is of iron and nylon material. However, its handles have a firm grip, and its total weight is around 150 kg. People can use this product to maintain their chest, biceps, shoulders, and many more exercises.

Benefits Of Bicep Workout


Bicep workout has many benefits. It brings strength to your biceps and makes you look more healthy and fit. Therefore, you can get better muscle strength using this bicep rope. It is incredibly beneficial for arm exercises, belly exercises, and chest exercises. It has a straightforward installation process which can be set up in the workout area of your home with great comfort. However, for better results, workout practice should be done regularly.

It builds your immunity and keeps diseases away from you. Moreover, exercises even help the proper flow of blood and help in reducing our blood pressure level. Especially if you are diabetic, your shoulders start getting stiff. Just keep them moving with a workout using this roller — it is a power blaster equipment. Biceps workout is not a problem anymore. You can do it at home if you have no time to go to the gym.



Specification: Bicep Workout With Power Stick Pull Rope

Arm Exerciser Grade




Model Number



Hand Gripper Strengths


Nylon, iron

Load bearing



As picture


Arm shoulder back exercise


No include dumbbell disks

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Bicep Workout With Power Stick Pull Rope
Bicep Workout With Power Stick Pull Rope


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