Bicycle Basket: Great For The Outdoors


  • Built to last
  • Polyester fabric and lining
  • Pouch included
  • Easy to mount, and easy to install
  • inner pocket for more security
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This bicycle basket is laden with an impressive design, smart and sleek with the way the parts of laid out. It is meant to carry all of your essentials while you are on the move. You won’t need to worry about this stuff being misplaced because the basket gets you covered. Believe it or not, even your bag can fit in it. 

The Bicycle Basket

You’ve got your brand new bicycle, but you feel that there’s something wrong about how things are going. You realize that there’s no compartment for your smartphones, and all the stuff you bring alongside your bike. Let’s say you ride your bicycle to school. Even a compartment for your notebooks will be of great help. Introducing a smart bicycle basket for your needs. 

The basket is easily detachable from the bicycle so you can carry or leave the backpack as you step out for a cycle. It has various colors for you to choose from. Select from colors of violet, coffee, grey, and black. Aside from the dark plain design, you can also have printed ones. 

Main Features

 First, you have the handle. Then, you’ve got the plastic support. Other major parts include the adjustable closure, piping, and pouch.

Manufacturers built the basket with a 10-bind and aluminum frame for a stronger foundation while holding your items in it. There’s a zipped pouch inside for more valuable items, and a pouch right at the front for easy access. 

You can install this biking accessory is within a few minutes or even a few seconds, with the uniquely open and close mechanism. It’s the perfect pair to almost any type of bicycle, from MTB, sports bicycle, to those that you find in the market. It comes with a handle for carrying the bag with you while detached. 

In addition, it has an enclosed bracket set by screws and a net weight of approximately 760 grams. 


Specification: Bicycle Basket: Great For The Outdoors

Brand Name


Model Number







With Lid


Storage Bag for Bicycle

Mount position

Handle Bar


Per order option


1 main bag and 2 pouches


Please refer to graphics below


Max. 3KGS / 6.6lb.

Net weight

About 760 grams


Made in China (Mainland)

Stock location

Shanghai, China

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Bicycle Basket: Great For The Outdoors
Bicycle Basket: Great For The Outdoors


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