Bicycle Handlebar Strap Fastening Belts

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  • It is used in fixing and aligning bicycle parts
  • Multi-functional and versatile hook. Also, a loop band for bicycles
  •  Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
  • Size: 25 x 2 cm
  • Package content: 5 x Fixing Band
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Fixing Band Multipurpose And Multifunctional

A fixing band is a tool that looks like a mini belt. It usually comes in bright and different colors. It has many uses and is vital in your toolbox. You never know when you need it so it’s better to invest in something that can help you fix practically anything. This band is most commonly for bicycles actually. It may be a fixer or maybe for design purposes as it looks good for decoration as well. Along with its versatility comes convenience, it is very easy to use.

Uses And Features

These bands are technically used in almost anything for your bike. It is helpful in fixing an inflator. Furthermore, it can bind brake wires. It may serve as a derailleur for your bike’s cables. Moreover, it can function to fix any part of your bicycle. It can also act as an accessory if you prefer to design your bike with it. If you are looking to organize your cables, you may use this tool as well. And if you would need to install bicycle parts, this can be of help too. Moreover, you can even use these bands to attach your water bottle onto your bike.

Product Specifications And Inclusions

The material used for these bands is nylon. So it is very durable and sturdy in texture. It won’t easily stretch nor will it break for a very long time. It will last under pressure and in tough conditions too. The available colors for these straps are Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. The whole set comes with 5 pieces of hook and loop bands. Each band’s size is 25 x 2 cm. And it weighs around 0.20 grams each.

How To Use A Fixing Band

Because of its easy to use a feature, you only need to attach it to anything and safely secure it using the magic sticker. Make sure it is well and attach it to the part that it is intended for.

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Bicycle Handlebar Strap Fastening Belts
Bicycle Handlebar Strap Fastening Belts
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