Bicycle Rear Rack Aluminum Alloy Frame

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  • Allows you to carry pieces of stuff at the back of your bike
  • Allows you to have a back rider that can conveniently sit
  • Comes with a red tail light for a safe night ride
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Size:16.50cm
  • Package content: 1 x Bike Rear Rack with red tail light
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Bicycle Rear Rack Aluminum Alloy Frame

A bicycle rear rack is a piece of bicycle accessory that you place in the back part of the bicycle. It is an aluminum alloy frame specially made to use for bicycles. It is an accessory that allows you to put stuff at the back of your bicycle.

Cargo Rack

This rack can serve as a cargo rack. It allows you to put a basket, box, grocery bags, bags, and the likes. It is durable to make sure that it can carry these items. The rack can handle a load of up to 110lb. A noteworthy feature is that you can put luggage at the back and secure it with a strap and hook it on the rack. That way it is more sturdy and will not fall off when you make turns or sudden stops. Moreover, you can even have a back rider that can sit on it (as long as it is on the limit weight). It is a versatile bike cargo that ideal for a long-distance ride. The hollow aluminum construction is strong and tough but it is lightweight so it is not heavy to carry around with your bike.

Rear Fender and Splashguard

The rack is actually multipurpose. More than it being a rack, it can also serve as a rear fender and a splashguard. That way, when you go ride on roads that are wet or have a muddy puddle, you have protection. This is because of the presence of a top plate on the rack that helps prevent splashing from going up.

Safety Features

Lastly, the racks come with a safety feature. It has a red rear reflector lamp that lits up when hit by light. This allows you to have a safer and more secured night ride. Making sure that the vehicle behind you won’t hit you or the luggage you are carrying. This is definitely one important feature that not many others offer.

Specification: Bicycle Rear Rack Aluminum Alloy Frame

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Bicycle Rear Rack Aluminum Alloy Frame
Bicycle Rear Rack Aluminum Alloy Frame


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