Bike Face Mask: 3D Printed Movie Characters Design

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  • Multifunction unisex headgear
  • Highly permeable microfiber
  • All year round headwear
  • Design: Various / Movie Characters
  • Size: 50cm x 25cm
  • Length: About 60cm
  • Material: Polyester
  • Package Content: 1 x  Headwear
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Bike Face Mask 3D Printed Movie Characters Design

A bike face mask is an accessory that provides protection to the areas of your face not covered by the helmet and goggles you wear when you go biking. Plus of course, the design and prints on this mask do add to that cool biker’s look that goes with the outfit.

There are a number of reasons for wearing face masks when you go on your road trip with the motorbike. And all those reasons are pretty much covered by these line up of bike face masks.

Cool Way To Protect

The first is the most obvious one which is to protect you, specifically your face, from the sun and pollution. This includes specks of dust and debris that might hit your face as you go full speed on the road. The polyester material provides solid protection from the sun’s harmful rays and offers UPF 40+.

The second is so that you can have warm air to breathe in when you travel during cold weather. Aside from the heat of the sun, a biker’s challenge is the freezing cold. The highly permeable microfiber technology of the fabric makes this a light and breathable mask. This biking accessory provides the warmth needed to make the joyride truly enjoyable in colder conditions. Since you can wear this during warm and cold seasons, that makes this a whole year-round biking necessity.

And the third reason, let us not forget, is so that you can do the first two reasons with style. That’s right, even while you’re riding, your sense of fashion should still be flawless. This unisex face mask has numerous 3D printed novelty movie character designs. It is multifunctional and can be used as a fashionable headband, head caps, or a sports scarf. And you can actually match this with your cool attire for the day.

Specification: Bike Face Mask: 3D Printed Movie Characters Design

Brand Name


Item Type

Riding Scarf

Sport Type



made in china




less 60cm


cycling bandana


The Avengers bandana


100% polyester


quick dry headwears



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Bike Face Mask: 3D Printed Movie Characters Design
Bike Face Mask: 3D Printed Movie Characters Design


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