Bike Handlebar Stand: A Universal Bicycle Phone Holder


  • Bike phone mounts for accessing mobile during rides.
  • Material: silicone.
  • Color: black.
  • Fit handlebar size: 1.67cm to 4.27cm diameter.
  • Package contents: 1 x bike phone mount.
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Bike Handlebar Stand: A Universal Bicycle Phone Holder

Are you looking for a suitable mobile holder for your bicycle? Do you require a good and efficient mount bracket for your iPhone? Then you must get this bike handlebar stand for all its astounding features. This is a universal handlebar holder for mobile phones of varying measurements. And you can apply it upon not just bicycles, but also upon your motorcycles. It is a simple thing to use with a simpler design to understand. So get this notable gadget home for making it possible to access mobile even when in between the ride.

Bike Handlebar Stand For The Easiest Application

Just wrap around, push through and secure, that’s how simple it is. You can fix your mobile into this bike phone mount first and then fix it to the handlebar later by pushing through and securing finally. And you are fully prepared to enjoy your rides to the fullest. It will keep your phone as safe as ever and let you enjoy rides better. That’s because you can now search paths you had never been to during the ride. It is safer and time-saving. If you were to go to a location unknown to you, you can better search for it without spending any extra time.

Several Interesting Features Of The Bike Gadget

It is not just easy to install or attach, but you can also detach this handlebar holder with an equal amount of ease and simplicity. Furthermore, the bike phone mount comes with a flexible stretchable design. That allows you to keep your phone stable and secure on even bumpy paths. Some extra features no other device will give you include shock absorption silicone clip and four-corner durable silicone net. Apart from this, you also receive a sturdy silicone grooved clip in the amazing tool.

A Must-Have For All Bike Riders

With all these features, you can now not say a no to this amazing tool. So get it home and begin its use for amazing rides from now on.

Specification: Bike Handlebar Stand: A Universal Bicycle Phone Holder


Cargo Racks




1.67 cm-4.27cm

Braking System

V Brake

Capacity (Load)


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Bike Handlebar Stand: A Universal Bicycle Phone Holder
Bike Handlebar Stand: A Universal Bicycle Phone Holder
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