Brake Caliper System Motorbike Brakes Accessories

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  • Hydraulic rear disc brake caliper perfect for engines: 110cc, 125cc, and 140cc
  • Perfectly attachable to the disc brakes and is made of metal material
  • Color combination of gold and black
  • Hydraulic cable length: 48cm
  • Distance Between Master Cylinder Mount Holes (center hole to center hole):40mm & 50mm
  • Banjo Bolt:10mm
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Brake Caliper System Motorbike Brakes Accessories

A brake caliper has several kinds of calipers based on its purpose. It is often attached to the disc brakes and is conveniently better than conventional drum brakes. A disc brake is a brake that is with a caliper to create friction on its brake pads. After that, it will result in a slower movement of the axle or a complete stop. It will depend on how you control the caliper.

Advantages of Disc Brake Caliper

The disc brakes of your bike will ensure a safer and stable stopping power. It can cause your shaft to slow down. This is particularly beneficial, especially for long descents. The disc brakes do not cause tire blowouts because it doesn’t cause the rim to heat up. Another good point of this is it can also allow you a precise way of braking, slowly halting and doesn’t result in wheel lockup.

This rear disc brake has a caliper on the rear part because there is no more space to put into the disc location. You call it the floating brake caliper. It means that you attach the pistons of this caliper only on a single side. The purpose of this is to push the pads on the brake disc, allowing the wheels to take a halt.

Product Description And Details

The material of this hydraulic rear disc brake caliper is a high-quality metal material. It is durable and is to last extreme riding conditions for your dirt bike. Moreover, it is 100% brand new. It is available in 1 color combination of black and gold. The hydraulic cable length is approximately 48 cm. The distance between the master cylinder mount holes from the center hole to the other is 40mm and 50mm. The banjo bolt included has a size of 10mm. This product component and fit for motorcycles or dirt bikes that have 110cc, 125cc, 140cc engines. It can be for pit bikes, pro, and off-road bikes. There are no guidelines or manuals included in this product. So it is highly recommended to have this part professionally installed by a mechanic.


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Brake Disks

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Motorbike Brakes



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Brake Caliper System Motorbike Brakes Accessories
Brake Caliper System Motorbike Brakes Accessories


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