Camping Mat For Family Outdoor Activities


  • Double side water-proof, dust resistant 
  • Soft and light fabric for a comfortable feel
  • Easy to wash and carry
  • Foldable durable material, wear-resistant
  • Size and Weight:
    • Gray :
      • XL:200cm x 300cm  (2.15kg)
      • L: 200cm x 200cm (1.5kg)
      • M: 200cm x 170cm​ (1.2kg)
    • Green:
      • L: 170cm x 200cm (1.2kg)
      • M: 140cm x 170cm​ (0.6kg)
  • Material: Polyester and Aluminum Foil
  • Package Content:  1 x Camping Mat
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Camping Mat For Family Outdoor Activities

A camping mat is a multi-purpose must-have item by families both big and small. It is used mostly for outdoor activities. These include hiking, camping, and picnics in the park or at the beach. Whatever outdoor plans you may be having, this certainly should be on your top list of things to bring.

Because of the versatility of this mat, the standard for choosing one is becoming higher. It is comforting to know that there are some out there that meet specifications of a useful outdoor pad.

Perfect For All Adventures

The all-around use of this piece of cloth cannot be over-emphasized. The most common use for it would be for picnics. Whether it be just outside your house in the garden, or in the park, even on the beach. You could also use this when you reach your goal as you climb that mountain’s peak and enjoy the sight. Or you can turn it into a sleeping pad for a doze in the afternoon or at night in the site.

Perfect for its many uses, it is double side water-proof against any spills. It is also dust resistant so it is easy to clean. Its wear-resistant feature makes okay to just fold and unfold it countless times.

Its fabric is soft and light for that comfortable feel when you lie down on sit. Moreover, it has a three-layer design: polyester, thick cotton padding, and polyester. It is easy to wash. And since it is light, it is also easy to carry anywhere.

There are different sizes and printed patterns. For the gray, there’s XL:200cm x 300cm  (2.15kg), L: 200cm x 200cm (1.5kg), and M: 200cm x 170cm​ (1.2kg). For the green, you can choose from L: 170cm x 200cm (1.2kg) or M: 140cm x 170cm​ (0.6kg).

So, when going out for that outdoor fun, spread the joy by spreading a mat!

Specification: Camping Mat For Family Outdoor Activities

Brand Name


Dampproof Mat Type

Closed Foaming

Outdoor Activity


By Inflating Mode


Model Number



Aluminum Foil

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Camping Mat For Family Outdoor Activities
Camping Mat For Family Outdoor Activities


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