Climbing Chalk: The Best Powder Storage Pouch

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  • Made Of Water-Resistant Polyester Material
  • You Can Choose From Black Or Red
  • Bags Are Lined With Velvet Inside To Prevent Loss Of Anti-Skid Powder
  • Enjoy Activities Like Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Rock Bouldering, Tree Climbing, Weightlifting, Etc.
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Often, we work up a sweat while climbing, which can result in slipping. For this, it’s efficient to use chalk. The chalk absorbs the sweat and creates the necessary friction needed to hold on to rocks. When off to long climbs these chalk bags, will do the job. Not only are they easy to use, but their webbing waist belt is also equipped with a quick-release buckle. The design and size of the bags let you reach around easily to take out the powder while climbing. Look and feel like a pro the next you go for a climb.

Why Use A Chalk Storage Pouch:

Many climbers realize the benefits of using chalk while climbing but have difficulty carrying it around. With these chalk bags its super-efficient because they are ideal for rock climbing.  These bags have a unique design that facilitates closure of the top drawstring efficiently. The material used to make the bags provides it with the strength to face rough conditions. No matter the time of day this storage pouch will keep your company. Now you can take them everywhere as you enjoy activities like gymnastics, rock climbing, rock bouldering, tree climbing, weightlifting, etc.

Features And Advantages of Climbing Chalk:

Made of water-resistant polyester material, the bags are lined with velvet inside to prevent loss of anti-skid powder. Now you don’t need to feel uncomfortable as you climb because the bags have a webbing with adjustment buckle that acts as a belt. The purpose of the powder bags is that, no matter how high you climb, you will be able to easily reach for the chalk powder. The mouth of the bag is open and wide making them an ideal accessory. The normal size of the bag is 16 x 12 x 8 cm/ 6.3 x 4.7 x 3.1 inch. You can choose from Black or Red and can be used by climbers of all ages. Get ready to take your rock-climbing activities to the next level.

Specification: Climbing Chalk: The Best Powder Storage Pouch


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Climbing Chalk: The Best Powder Storage Pouch
Climbing Chalk: The Best Powder Storage Pouch


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