4 Teeth Crampons Ice Claw Anti-Slip


  • Four-teeth
  • Manganese steel ice claw
  • Anti-slip
  • Ideal for mountaineering, snow
  • Steel Disc: 4.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight: 220g
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The 4 teeth crampons are what you need to be ensured you get a quality climbing adventure. It uses manganese steel ice claw with anti-slip properties. Designed for safe mountaineering, it weighs 220 grams only.

4 Teeth Crampons

These 4 teeth crampons are what you need to securely tread on snow and ice during climbing. Using these, you can comfortably cross glaciers, climb snow treks, travel through frozen waterfalls, and scale through rock smeared with ice. 

Many enthusiasts of these sports, ice climbers and alpinists, are known to wear boots from synthetic leather. They replace their mountaineering boots from plastic. These people depend on these materials because of their strong construction with horizontal frames. New techniques and modern designs make these crampons lighter. As a result, they fit the alpinists better.

Better Mountaineering

Through the decades, crampons are now becoming more specialized according to where you use them. You can find options at very lightweight traction for daily winter walking. There are also those of the traditional type that manages to travel on glaciers and snow. Whether you are in Switzerland or Iceland, you will realize the benefits of these crampons once you have them. 

You can definitely own them for technical hiking or bring them alongside your axe. It is the perfect option for mountaineering frozen falls, mixed rocky routes, icy routes, and other challenging terrains.

For Climbing Safety

Safety is very important when climbing, which is ensured by these crampons of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. You must also be able to look at frame alignment and weight. 

When it comes to the bindings, find crampons at hybrid, step-in, and strap-on. You also need to look at the number of points, front points, and whether they are modular or non-modular. These items should also be compatible with the boots. To do this, determine the kind of boot you have, the activities you’ll do, and the flexibility of your boots.

Specification: 4 Teeth Crampons Ice Claw Anti-Slip

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Ice Claw






Manganese Steel



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Steel Disc


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4 Teeth Crampons Ice Claw Anti-Slip
4 Teeth Crampons Ice Claw Anti-Slip


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