Lightest Playing Badminton Racket For Family; 2 pcs 

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  • Lightweight and easy to hold rackets
  • An effective accessory for playing Badminton with people of all ages
  • Available in 12 different colors
  • Weight: 100 gram
  • Shape: Oval
  • Material: Titanium Alloy and Steel
  • Delivery: Expect delivery within 10-15 business days
  • Package Information: The package includes two badminton rackets, one carry bag, one matching grip, and two badminton balls
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Lightest Playing Badminton; The Perfect Family Game

Do you play Badminton? If yes, have you ever thought about having the Lightest Playing Badminton racket for you as well as your family? These two pieces of professional badminton racket are just perfect for you to play the game with your family. The racket comes with lightweight material which makes it a preferable product for many people to avoid putting much weight and pressure on hands. 

Badminton is a sport in which you have to hold the racket for long, so it is a good idea to go ahead with playing a racket which is of high-quality. The racket is made with alloy material. It is a split racket that is suitable for both offensives as well as defensive purposes. 

Its package includes two badminton rackets, two badminton balls, one matching grip, and one carry bag in which you can keep the rackets and accessories with safety. While going out on trips or picnics with your family, you can carry the rackets in the bag and play whenever you feel good to go for it.

Lightest Playing Badminton For Families

The rackets are lightweight, and so anyone can hold them easily. You can use it to play Badminton with your family members. Any age person can use the rackets easily as well as won’t feel hard on hands. You can use them to enjoy the game of Badminton with your loved ones as well as have a great time together. 

High Elastic Carbon Fiber Used

It is a control-ball/ defensive Lightest Playing Badminton racket which is produced using highly elastic carbon fiber. The box frame and box racket provide you with greater flexibility and strength while you play the sport.

It also works as an offensive racket. With aluminum carbon fiber, the racket helps you to improve your performance in the sport.

Specification: Lightest Playing Badminton Racket For Family; 2 pcs 

Brand Name


Shaft Material


Strings Diameter


Suitable Player

Amateur Intermediate & Senior

Weight (g)


Model Number


Racket Hardness

Slightly Soft

Play Classificaiton

Ball Control Type (Both Defensive and Offensive)

Grip Material


Racket Handle Thickness


Strings Feature

Eastic & Durable

Length (cm)


Badminton racket


Shuttle badminton set


Badminton equipment

Badminton set

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Lightest Playing Badminton Racket For Family; 2 pcs 
Lightest Playing Badminton Racket For Family; 2 pcs 


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