Anti-Fog Agent For Swim Goggles


  • The bottle contains a transparent anti-fog agent.
  • Durable, non-toxic, non-irritating and non-hazardous to health
  • Net Weight of Anti Fog Agent- 20ml
  • Dimensions: Bottle- 9.4cm*2.5cm
  • The package contains one unit of Anti-Fog Spray bottle.
  • Delivery within the United States is subjected to shipping charges.


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About Anti-Fog Agent For Swim Goggles

Do your swim goggles get foggy underwater? Have you ever heard of a defogger spray? Yes, there is a solution for your swimming goggles and diving masks that turn translucent underwater. The Anti-Fog Agent for Swim Goggles will help your diving and swimming experience become more exhilarating and crystal clear. The spray bottle appears empty as it contains a sponge inside that can cure the anti-fog agent when water goes into the bottle. The agent is completely safe and does not irritate the eyes.

The goggle defogger agent is transparent in color, and a bottle is sure to serve you a very long time. Just remember to shake the bottle well every time before use. The package contains a single unit of the Anti-fog agent spray, as well as the package, is not eligible for free delivery within the United States.

Crystal Clear And Safe Vision With Anti-Fog Agent

Are you an avid swimmer? Or do you love going for a diving experience very often? It is witness that many goggles and masks turn sort of blind or foggy underwater and reduces our vision to almost zero.

That is stepping off on the wrong foot, but gone are those days. The Anti-Fog agent for swim goggles will help restore the exact view one aspires to for diving. And it also is non-toxic, which means no irritation and completely non-hazardous. Kindly adhere to the instructions below for the efficient use of the product.

Instructions For Use

  • Add about 70% (15-20ml) water into the bottle to form the anti-fog agent
  • Remember to always shake the anti-fog agent for swim goggles well before use
  • Apply 1-2 drops on goggles and glasses while 2-3 drops on diving masks
  • Use your fingers to wipe the surface evenly
  • For hydrophilic dispersants use water to wipe on glass
  • Kindly let the surface dry before and after use

Specification: Anti-Fog Agent For Swim Goggles

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Anti-Fog Agent For Swim Goggles
Anti-Fog Agent For Swim Goggles


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