Dharma Pure Bronze Sculpture: Bodhi Dharma

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  • This sculpture has a unique designing.
  • It depicts the bodhi dharma statue.
  • If you love Chinese culture, we recommend this product.
  • It is worth showcasing as a décor.
  • This idol is a symbol of peace.
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Bodhi Dharma was a monk in Buddhism who lived in the 6th century.

Dharma Pure Bronze Sculpture: Bodhi Dharma

It may be a real person or a creation of the legends of Shaolin Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion practiced by Buddhists. The sculpture is believed to bring peace and harmony in one’s life. Therefore, many people love to keep a zen sculpture. If you are one of them who like to keep lord buddha idols in your area for calmness, then we recommend you use this product.




It is a Chinese bodhi dharma statue which you can keep around yourself. Moreover, it depicts peace and love. The Chinese culture has a long history of arts and crafts. You can get unique sculptures there, and it is one of them. Their unique sculptures are famous worldwide and are worth watching. However, they depict exquisite design with excellent carving. It is a treasure to keep them with you. However, you can see such things in most of the homes these days. People use it for decorations, and some even idolize them. Therefore, they are a lot in trend these days.


Bodhi Dharma Unique Designing


This bodhi dharma sculpture is a beautiful design with unique craftsmanship. It depicts a perfect style and will increase the standards of your décor. This design is a rare artwork. Furthermore, the Chinese culture has a lot of curious things which will amaze you if you get through them. The way they pray and idolize their culture is worth watching. They are very particular about their words and efficiency. If you are a Chinese culture fan, then we recommend you to use this product as it is worth showcasing. However, manufacturers make it with high-quality material and have unique curves in its designing.


Specification: Dharma Pure Bronze Sculpture: Bodhi Dharma

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Dharma Pure Bronze Sculpture: Bodhi Dharma
Dharma Pure Bronze Sculpture: Bodhi Dharma


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