Diving Accessories Buoyancy Toy For Diving


  • It is used for diving underwater
  • It is very cute and high-quality rubber that stays afloat
  • It is perfect to use for divers as a diving guide
  • It comes in 50 cm line
  • Different characters to choose from: Nemo characters and others
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Diving Accessories Buoyancy Toy For Diving

Diving accessories always make your diving experience an enjoyable and more fun one. There are a lot of diving accessories that you might need or want. If you want to be the coolest diver out there, then you would need these buoyancy toys. These are perfect for diving activities. Not only does it look cute but it also serves a specific purpose. It warns other divers that you are diving in a certain specific area. Furthermore, you can attach these floaters to your BCD or belt. That way it will stay afloat. It is also a great diving tool which is definitely cool to own.

Product Features

These buoyancy toys come in different cute characters. You can choose from a wide variety of Finding Nemo characters. And the rest are cute miniatures too. They are very cute and designed artistically. But the feature does not limit it for display only as it actually plays an important role in diving. This will be like a guideline to others that someone is diving in your area.

The toy stays afloat and will never drown so it is reliable for its purpose. It has a plastic carabiner attachment that can be used to be connected to your belt. It has a 50 cm line attachment along with the carabiner. You want to stay safe underwater while making sure others can be aware. Use these handy buoyancy tools and have creatively fun diving experience.

Description Of The Diving Accessories

These cute miniatures of animals as toy buoyancy for diving has a rubber material. It has an artistic paint and has great quality structures. The product is made to float for a long time. They are also very lightweight and handy. You can bring them easily while hanging them on a bag as a keychain. Because of its carabiner feature, it can also be chained on to your bags or somewhere. It is easy to bring and is very portable. It comes with a 50 cm line. You may choose from a lot of variety of characters to choose from, Nemo characters and others.


Specification: Diving Accessories Buoyancy Toy For Diving



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Diving Accessories Buoyancy Toy For Diving
Diving Accessories Buoyancy Toy For Diving


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