Surface-Signal Marker Buoy Accessory

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  • This buoy accessory is a must-have thing during scuba diving
  • Has a fluorescent coating that helps the rescuers find your location amidst the sea.
  • Inflates and deflates quickly and doesn’t require much energy.
  • Available In different colors and sizes.
  • There is a carabineer provided for your ease.
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Are you planning a scuba diving trip? Do you know what you should do at the time of an emergency? One of the great sports of all time would be scuba diving. You will be experiencing a whole new world down there, and it is so scenic and calm.

But there is one disadvantage or discomfort you will be facing, and that is communication. You. Can’t speak underwater, so you communicate with hand gestures. Either the standard hand gestures or the ones made by you at the time of emergency.

This surface-signal marker buoy accessory is a must-have thing for you. The high visibility signal it provides is something that anyone’s eye would catch. It is one of the things provided by some scuba diving agencies for your safety. With this inflatable signal marker with you, it becomes easier for the team to find you.

Benefits And Features Of The Surface-Signal Marker Buoy Accessory

Safety Ensured

You just have inflated it and keep it in your hands (provided your hands are inside the water), as well as it will float on the water vertically. Or there is a carabineer given for this surface-signal marker buoy accessory. You can attach it to your belt side.

Color Variants

There are three primary colors offered that are red, yellow, as well as pink. Also, they come in three different sizes, and you can pick the best one for you and place the order.

Other Features Of Surface-Signal Marker Buoy Accessory

It has a fluorescent coating that helps the rescuers find your location amidst the sea. The fluorescent is an excellent feature as the rescuers will their lights, it would reflect sharply by this inflatable signal marker. Also, the following wording on the buoy accessory, “diver below,” will help the team of rescuers track you down quickly.

Specification: Surface-Signal Marker Buoy Accessory

Model Number







210D Nylon + TPU Coating



Size 1


Size 2


Size 3



Brand New

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Surface-Signal Marker Buoy Accessory
Surface-Signal Marker Buoy Accessory


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