Door Anchor For Fitness Resistance Bands

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  • Allows you to do multiple workouts using a resistance band
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to carry with you when you travel
  • Compatible to any type or kind of resistance bands
  • Material: High-quality ribbon and sponge
  • Size: sponge: 4×4.2cm
  • Package content: 1 x door anchor
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Door Anchor For Fitness Resistance Bands

A door anchor is a small piece of tool that helps you with your resistance band training. It is a portable and light anchor point that you can use with the help of a regular door. With the help of this unique tool, you can transform a regular workout into so much more. You can have a different anchor point height on the door in order to target different parts of your body. It has a large foam that is enough to hold you as you do your resistance band training routines.

Benefits of Having a Door Anchor

Having a fitness anchor that you can use with the help of a regular door definitely comes with benefits. On top of the fact that it is not that expensive in comparison to other anchors for fitness, they are very convenient to use. Convenient because it is not a complicated tool, you just place it on the other side of the door, close the door and you are good to go. In addition, it is very light and portable, that way, you can bring it anywhere and you can workout anywhere.  With that said, you don’t have to go to the gym and pay the expensive membership fee. Instead, you can just workout at the comforts of your home. Save time, money and effort all at the same time. You can even bring it with you when traveling. That way you will not miss a day to work out.

The best part about this anchor that you can use with a regular door is that it fits all kinds of resistance bands. Having said that, it can serve different kinds of exercises that need resistance bands, even with a resistance rope.

Product Specs

The material for the anchor is a high-quality ribbon and a sponge. This sponge serves to secure the anchor at all points. It works even if there is a small opening at the top or bottom portion of the door.


Specification: Door Anchor For Fitness Resistance Bands

Department Name



Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

Model Number


Brand Name



Resistance bands Door Anchor





Used for

All resistance bands


Easy to carry

Feature 1

Works at all points of the door

Festure 2

Heavy duty construction

Perfect for



Fitness exercies,muscle relex,arms



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Door Anchor For Fitness Resistance Bands
Door Anchor For Fitness Resistance Bands


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