Adjustable Folding Walking Stick; A Safety Stick


  • Has different rubber grips for different terrains.
  • Follow the instructions and you can use it well.
  • Comes in 6 color variants.
  • Colors: red, purple, sky blue, blue, green, and black.
  • Has two sizes and maximum lengths can go to 110 cm and 130 cm.
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Black 110-130CMBlack 95-110CMBlue 110-130CMBlue 95-110CMGreen 110-130CMGreen 95-110CMLightBlue 110-130CMLightBlue 95-110CMPurple 110-130CMPurple 95-110CMRed 110-130CMRed 95-110CM
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For the people who love trekking, one piece of equipment is necessary. Yes, that is a folding walking stick. Trekking is an adventurous sport that keeps your heart rate high at every instant. The sticks are important for our safety.

The sticks will take some of your weight on themselves because of which you will improve stability and balance. Not using a trekking stick would be bad for knees as they would be feeling compressive forces. The stick can reduce by 25%. Also, this adjustable walking stick will let you know about the surface, whether there’s something wrong or not. Hence, you receive complete safety by this stick.


It is very easy to use this compact walking stick. Just follow some instructions, and you are ready to go on a trekking with this stick. Firstly, you have to hold the handle and let the stick extend vertically. Then, there are pole slots in which you have to slip the poles. Then, you must pull and pop us the locks on the stick. Next, adjust the length of the stick according to you. Also, you must not exceed the Stop sign on this folding walking stick, so, there will be fewer chances of breaking. In the end, according to the terrain, use the rubber accessory. There are different accessories for mud, sand, paved, ice, rocky road, gravel, or dirt.

Size And Colors Of The Folding Walking Stick

There are two types of lengths, short and long. So, short when folded is 30 cm. In its regular size, it is 95 cm and the longest it is 110 cm. In long, when folded, it has a size of 36 cm. When in regular size, it is 110 cm. And the extended version is 130 cm. There are six color variants to choose from. There is red, purple, sky blue, blue, green, and black.

Specification: Adjustable Folding Walking Stick; A Safety Stick

Brand Name


Joint Number


Damping System


Model Number


Outdoor Activity


Shaft Material



Straight Grip Handle

Handle Material


Stick Tip

Carbon Tungsten Steel

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The price is only for 1pc, not 1 pair.

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Adjustable Folding Walking Stick; A Safety Stick
Adjustable Folding Walking Stick; A Safety Stick


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