Exercise Knee Pads 2 Piece Exercise Mat


  • Allows you to do floor exercises with more comfortability
  • Ideal for Yoga plank training, protecting your elbows
  • Portable and lightweight so it is easy to carry anywhere
  • Material: Polyester
  • Package content: 2 x Exercise Knee Pads
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Exercise Knee Pads 2 Piece Exercise Mat

These exercise knee pads are handy exercise mats that most fitness enthusiasts use to prevent sore elbows and knees. Especially when doing floor exercises. This type of fitness accessory is actually common in yoga. Because doing yoga means a lot of floor exercises. And if you do not have a yoga mat, that this can be a good substitute for it. Simply put, these pads or mats are a lifesaver.

Pad For Pain Relief

As the saying goes, where there I no pain, then there will be no gain. In reality, sometimes, you can do away with pain but still gain something. That is exactly the case when you use these pads when you do floor exercises. More often than not, the elbows and the knees are the most painful areas when doing floor exercises. Especially when you do planking and woman style push-ups. The hard floor is sometimes unbearable, especially if you have to repeat the exercise routine over and over. With the pad, it can definitely alleviate the discomfort in an instant. Furthermore, it can add support to your wrist and give more neutral and stable positioning.

Waterproof Feature Of The Exercise Knee Pads

While exercises, getting wet is sometimes an issue. Good thing that this pad is waterproof. So you do not have to worry about the pads getting wet. It is water-resistant, so you can just wipe off any liquid substance that falls on it.  Very convenient to use ad clean.

Portable and Lightweight

Another good thing about this pad is that it is portable so you can bring it anywhere you want. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the weight because it is very light. You won’t even notice adding it into your gym bag. That’s how light it is.

Specification: Exercise Knee Pads 2 Piece Exercise Mat

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Exercise Knee Pads 2 Piece Exercise Mat
Exercise Knee Pads 2 Piece Exercise Mat


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