Fight Ball Reflex Boxing Training Equipment


  • Helps you develop your hand and eye coordination, speed and fight skill
  • Can easily be used, even kids can use it
  • A very handy piece of fitness equipment; you can workout anywhere
  • Material: PU Ball
  • Size: 19g
  • Package content:
    • 1 x headband
    • 1 x ball with string
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Fight Ball Reflex Boxing Training Equipment

This fight ball reflex equipment is a piece of training equipment that is mainly for boxing. It is a unique piece of equipment that trains athletes. This equipment has a headband like a strap that you put on your head. It has a ball with a string that connects to the headband. The main goal of this equipment is to train athletes’ hand and eye coordination. Furthermore, it also helps with the target focus. Though it is ideal for boxing, it is also ideal to use for other sports that involve punching. This includes muay Thai and mixed martial arts to name a few.

Features Of The Product

The product is really unique and it is not readily available in most stores. So that is how unique it is. It has a design that features lighter materials. For the ball, it resembles a tennis ball but it is so much lighter. It is grove-free and anyone can use it even kids. mainly because it will not hurt or harm you if it hits your face. So even if you miss it and it hits your eye, nose or mouth, you are still all good.

This tool is definitely not complicated. Again, even kids can use it. You just need to put the strap around your head and start punching the ball. It can help train reaction, punching speed, agility, hand and eye coordination and fight skills. More than for sports training, you can use it for a regular workout routine. You can really sweat out with this and can have a good cardio exercise with it. You can work out at the comforts of your home or anywhere in that particular manner. Because you can just easily bring it with you anywhere. No need for a big space in your bag.


Specification: Fight Ball Reflex Boxing Training Equipment

Model Number



Pu ball

PU ball weight



1 x Fight Ball +1 x HeadBand

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Fight Ball Reflex Boxing Training Equipment
Fight Ball Reflex Boxing Training Equipment


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