Flashlight Gloves For Multipurpose Use

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  • It is made from durable nylon material
  • Adjustable flashlight grip can hold a diameter of 12-40mm
  • It relieves pressure off your hand
  • It comes with an anti-slip padding
  • Corrosion and abrasion-resistant
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Flashlight Gloves For Multipurpose Use

Flashlight gloves are a diver’s essential. Exploring the beautiful underwater world is much more fun and exciting when you have functional and durable gear. Diving takes you to certain areas where there is low to zero visibility, such as underwater caves or shipwrecks. With all the gear you will be bringing, having one thing to worry less about would make things more convenient. Moreover, when you choose to invest in quality gear, you get to spend a longer time in the water without worries. This product gives you an extra hand by holding your flashlight in place while exploring the deep waters. Gone are the days when bringing flashlights can be bothersome.

Features Of The Flashlight Gloves

The material of this glove is a top-quality material to endure long hours being submerged underwater. It is from nylon, a synthetic strong polyamide material. Furthermore, it has excellent permeability that creates less drag when underwater. It is also corrosion and abrasion resistant, guaranteed to last a very long time.

The product comes in one size that can fit most hand sizes. It can be for either on the left or right hand and can be with or without hand gloves. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable hoop and loop to keep it secure. The anti-slip padding promises a comfortable fit. The flashlight hoop can be for a range of devices, depending on its size. It can hold diving canister lights, dive lights, and regular flashlights. While the design of this product is for diving, it can also be for many other activities.

How To Use

To use the glove, simply slip on hand and fasten. Attach the flashlight on the loop and adjust to secure. The product’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip. This product can be either your hand or wrist, depending on your preference. Wash it with running water to prevent saltwater residue build-up. Make sure to store it in a dry place after, away from heat and direct sunlight.

This product is perfect for all the water-lovers out there!

Specification: Flashlight Gloves For Multipurpose Use

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Hand Free Flashlight Holder


Flashlight Holder

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Flashlight Gloves For Multipurpose Use
Flashlight Gloves For Multipurpose Use


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