Focus Mitts For Your Speed And Strength Training


  • It boosts coordination and stamina
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • The foam can absorb the hardest punches.
  • Type: Sandbag Category
  • Model Number: Boxing accessories
  • Material: PU leather
  • Size: 25.5x19x4.5cm
  • Sport Type: Taekwondo,Kung Fu,Boxing,Martial Arts
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Focus Mitts For Your Speed And Strength Training

Workout equipment is something we can use for different reasons. The focus mitts are workout equipment that can be used for fitness and training purposes. It offers many benefits such as it boosts coordination and stamina. It provides a more dynamic workout than other fitness equipment. Also, we use it as a tool for weight loss. Punching and holding focus mitt, both can be exhaustive. You can also use it as an attacking tool to incorporate blocking in training. 

How To Use Focus Mitts

When punching the focus mitt, the concentration should be in the center. You should aim at the center and hit precisely. When punching the equipment, try to improve the speed. While training with the equipment you move, never punch when moving. It will result in weak punches and throw you off balance. 

Purchasing The Focus Mitt

When purchasing the focus mitt, you should consider certain factors. The foam of the product should be able to absorb the hardest punches. It should also be lightweight so that it doesn’t become a barrier in training. The material of the focus mitt should not crack with repetitive and hard hits. The grip of the equipment should be secure and comfortable so that it becomes easy to hold. It should be designed to hold up for expert strikes. 

The focus mitts are equipment that requires your full attention. Whether you are holding the equipment or punching the equipment, you need to be focused. It is essential to purchasing focus mitt that offers a great grip. Otherwise, it will become difficult to use it for training sessions. The poor grip will make it uncomfortable to hold the equipment when the partner is hitting. It will also have an impact on the performance of the person hitting the focus mitt.  



Specification: Focus Mitts For Your Speed And Strength Training

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Focus Mitts For Your Speed And Strength Training
Focus Mitts For Your Speed And Strength Training


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