Football Kick Throw Soccer Practice Gear


  • Ideal for solo soccer training
  • Material: nylon cloth 
  • Durable and is designed in three parts: belt, connecting rope, and the ball brace
  • Color: black
  • Waistline: 57-100 cm
  • Elastic and adjustable
  • Connecting rope’s overall length: 170 cm
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Football Kick Throw Soccer Practice Gear

Are you looking for a football kick throw practice gear? Do you play soccer and want to improve your kicking skills? It is often challenging to improve your soccer skills. Sometimes it requires you to make more effort than just plainly playing the game. This product is support for your soccer practice. As you may know, soccer or football, as others call it, will require your leg muscles to work very well. You need to enhance your kicking skills. With precision and balance, the leg muscles are the ones that need quality training. You have to keep on kicking and improve your kicking ability continuously. There is no better way to do that than use this training gear.

If you kick the real football, you will have a hard time running around each time it goes somewhere. So you need this product since the ball will just be attached through a rope and will not go through everywhere, here and there. It stays near you for enough distance. You can practice kicking, and you will improve faster than you can imagine.

 Football Kick Throw Details

This football kick trainer gear comes with a belt that you need to attach to your waist. It also has a rope that can contain the ball itself. And lastly, there is a rope in between your belt and the ball. This rope allows the ball to come right back to you after you kick it. It is perfect for practicing on Ordinary football, and even professional training football is applicable too. This training Equipment can train your soccer training skills anytime, anywhere. So if you wish to train every day in your front lawn or backyard, you have the gear and convenience to do so. This gear Improves reaction ability, passing or catching and controlling the ball. It is suitable for beginners to practice bouncing ball. You will see yourself improve more and more while you practice every day too.

Product Specifications

Lastly, this soccer solo training gear comes with a nylon cloth material. It is durable and is designed in three parts: belt, connecting rope, and the ball brace. The color is black. It can fit the waistline from 57-100 cm. It is elastic and adjustable. The connecting rope’s overall length is 170 cm.

Specification: Football Kick Throw Soccer Practice Gear



Derivative Series





Suitable for waist circumference within 57-100cm

football connecting rope



nylon cloth



Feature 1

Football Training Device

Feature 2

Youth Soccer Training

Feature 3

Skills Improvement Strap

Feature 4

Football Kick Practice

Feature 5

Adjustable Ball Juggle Bags

Feature 6

Soccer Circling Waist Belt

Feature 7

Practice Goal Trainer

Feature 8

Football Practice Equipment

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Football Kick Throw Soccer Practice Gear
Football Kick Throw Soccer Practice Gear


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