Front Tyre And Rear Tyre: Bike Mudguards For Both


  • Mudguard to protect clothes from mud while riding a bike on muddy streets.
  • It is easy to install, with no requirement of special tools.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of bikes.
  • Material used is carbon fiber.
  • Size: 260*220 mm.
  • Package contents: 1 x mudguard.
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Front Tyre And Rear Tyre: Bike Mudguards For Both

Mudguards are available for both the rear tyre and front tyre of bikes. The basic function of the mudguards is to keep you and your clothes safe from dirt and mud while riding the bike on muddy streets. The mudguard is of carbon fiber and protects your clothes during rainy days from the mud. Thus you remain protected with their help. Coming to the front tire fender, it is very easy to install to the bike. You do not even require any extra tools to fix it. The installation process goes through no damage to the bike or its part. So it is a great way to use mudguards for remaining mud-free and keeping clothes from getting muddy on muddy roads.

The Rear And Front Tyre Mudguards Fit Most Bikes

That is true. The mudguards are suitable for almost all kinds of bikes, whether its the mountain bikes or road bikes. It can be fixed gear or more. So no matter what sort of bike you own, you can always apply the product to it for protection. Furthermore, the product has a good quality and durability levels. It is a long-lasting product. And it can prove to be a great choice if you need a replacement for your older version of a mudguard. The old one can have some damage and requiring a replacement, in which case you should go for the change for better results.

Features Of The Mudguard For Bikes’ Front And Rear Tires

This tire fender, having a good quality, it does not break that easily. So it lasts longer with you in your riding experiences. Also, its material carbon fiber is highly durable. It is also good at enduring abrasion. You may install the product both on the front fork and the rear fork. The thickness of the product leads to a good endurance amber ability. The size you receive in the mudguards is 260*220 mm.

Specification: Front Tyre And Rear Tyre: Bike Mudguards For Both

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Bicycle Fenders


High Quality Plastic


Bicycle Fender


MTB/Road Bike/Moutain Bicycle



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Front Tyre And Rear Tyre: Bike Mudguards For Both
Front Tyre And Rear Tyre: Bike Mudguards For Both


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