Full Body Harness For Professional Rock Climbing


  • A multipurpose full-body harness that is durable and comfortable to use
  • Helps even out the force in case of a fall
  • Can be used for mountaineering, elevated construction works, and fire rescue
  • Material: Polyester reinforcing wires
  • Size: Leg ring: 50cm-70cm/ Girdle: 75cm-120cm
  • Package content: 1 x Full Body Harness
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Full Body Harness For Professional Rock Climbing

Full body harness for professional rock climbing is probably one of the major must-have for this sport. Because without it, an athlete can’t perform well. Professionals invest in such as it helps them to focus more on their movements. Because of this, climbers tend to be more secure, safe, and confident. It is even multifunctional because you can also use it for an outward band, fire rescue, elevated construction work, caving, and mountaineering.

Benefits of a Full Body Harness

This type of harness comes with a lot of benefits.  First of all, it adds safety to climbers as they go for high climbs, whether it be an indoor climb or an outdoor climb.  Which leads us to the second benefit, climbers can be more confident climbing. Knowing the fact that they are safe in case of slipping and falling boosts confidence. They can make necessary moves and techniques that might be a little risky. The third benefit is that it is more comfortable. This is because it spreads the impact in case of a fall. The concentration will not be on the waist alone like the other harness. The pressure will be spread out to the legs and shoulders too.

Product Features

The product is not only durable, but it is comfortable to wear.  The materials used for the product is a Polyester reinforcing wire, so it is breathable. Furthermore, it does not feel hot as you wear it. This harness includes a waistband, which is the main portion for force bearing. It also includes a leg loop, the seat loops, which are adjustable. Moreover, they are attached to the hip bones so the impact can spread to the pelvis. It is comfortable to be in a sitting position when descending. There is also a leg, waist, and shoulder pads that are thick and wide. Making it more comfortable even in long climbs.


Specification: Full Body Harness For Professional Rock Climbing



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Polyester reinforcing wires

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Full Body Harness For Professional Rock Climbing
Full Body Harness For Professional Rock Climbing


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