Glue Deck Pad Surfboard Traction Anti-slip Grip Surfing


  • Your deck pad will no longer slip
  • You’ll be able to surf for hours without worrying about slipping off your board
  • Keeps you dry and on the board
  • Protect your board from slippage
  • No more slipping on the deck pad
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Glue Deck Pad Surfboard Traction Anti-slip Grip Surfing

Thinking about gluing your surfboard? Protect the board pad and make sure you don’t slip off for good! The ForeSport Glue Deck Pad is an easy installation that can be done in minutes. It’s great for any surfboard, old or new, and it will prevent water from getting behind your board mounts. Install it right on top of your current pads – our glue stays flexible over time preventing dryness! This coat not only protects the deck but also gives extra traction with some bonding power. Get this handy kit today before using up all the glue in one bottle.”

The ForeSport Glue Deck Pad traction kit is a quick and simple way to keep your surfboard safe. If you’re tired of slipping on the boat, stepping off the beach, or falling while learning how to surf–then this little innovation will help! You can use it before heading out too, giving them more stability and helping your feet stay stable in between waves. It’ll even stop water from soaking through pads which could cause nasty odor problems when stored away without proper care!

From having difficulty slipping on your surfboard while finding that perfect wave to not being sure which way to turn so you can get positioned for the best one-footer at Pipeline Beach, or just plain old making sure your board doesn’t slide out from under you – nothing is worse than a slippery board! It’s hard enough trying to catch waves without worrying about what this has done for your traction.

If you’re constantly crashing against the rails of your board, remember to add ForeSport! Just one use will give your old worn-out grip pads a lot more slip resistance.



Specification: Glue Deck Pad Surfboard Traction Anti-slip Grip Surfing

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Glue Deck Pad Surfboard Traction Anti-slip Grip Surfing
Glue Deck Pad Surfboard Traction Anti-slip Grip Surfing


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