A Hand Pump: For Inflating Your Bike Tires

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  • 100% brand new and quality material
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • It is portable and can easily be move from one place to another
  • It works via a hand-operated piston
  • Function: Foldable
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GS02D pump
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Have You Purchased A Hand Pump For Your Bike Yet?

It is a handy tool for inflating tires and can give a workable tire in just a few minutes. It is specifically designed and works via a hand-operated piston. You can also take a hand pump anywhere you are traveling by bicycle. 

Know The Instructions

You can use it with just some basic instructions. While you stroke up the piston, it draws outside air through a valve inside, and when you stoke it down, it creates a vacuum inside and pushes the air into the tire. The pump compresses the air. When you pull the piston up, the valve closes involuntarily, and air cannot move out from the tire. In the repeated process, new air is pushed into the tire, and it gets filled up. Try to push the strokes downwards as gently as you can.

Where To Buy A Hand Pump?

You can buy the pump via online channels, or you can go to any one of the shops near your house to get it. While purchasing it, keep certain things in mind like the gauge of the pump should be good quality and durable. The piston should work properly without any sign of muddle. Before you visit your local shops, please check online the price, reviews, and other features of the pump. Spend some bucks and prefer buying a good one. 


The hand pump becomes very handy in situations where there are no alternatives available. Thus, you could keep a durable pump whenever you are traveling via bicycle. The procedure to use it is also very easy, and even a mere child can alone pump their bicycle. Buy one and start teaching your kids all of these. It is can also be a very good gift for someone on holiday, you never know!

Specification: A Hand Pump: For Inflating Your Bike Tires





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A Hand Pump: For Inflating Your Bike Tires
A Hand Pump: For Inflating Your Bike Tires


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