Hook Holder – Heavy Duty Reel With Quick Release Hook

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  • It is very useful for attaching keys, cards, and badges.
  • Materials used are nylon, iron chrome plating, and steel wire.
  • Diameter for black, silver and black B: 4 cm. Diameter for silver B: 3.2 cm.
  • Steel wire length: 60 cm and 63 cm, respectively.
  • Package contents: 1 x retractable key chain.
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Hook Holder – Heavy Duty Reel With Quick Release Hook

With a good deal of durability and high quality, the hook holder finds a lot of uses in our day to day lives. The holder is good for attaching fishing attachments, your keys, and identity cards as well as personal belongings. You may even attach some other stuff like security passes, reels, badges, whistles, lanyards, eyeglass holders, access control cards and other things. The holder has a hook for a very quick release. The product is good for security as it well attaches keys and security badges. The holder also looks quite nice as well as stylish for use.

Features Of The Hook Holder

It has a retractable reel cord. This is good for a smooth extension. With this feature, you can easily wear things attached to it and be comfortable with the reach of your arm. Your access needs at home are met very properly with such a product. Further, there are two choices for attachment. One of them is a removal swivel snap hook while the other one is a belt clip. The clipping is good to clip to things like key chucks, pockets, purse straps, belt loop buttonholes and much more. The stainless steel cord is unbreakable and it comes along with the metal key ring.

Some Specifications With The Product

Materials for manufacturing the holder are nylon, iron chrome plated and steel wire. There are specific diameters of the holder with particular wire lengths. Also, the holder finds so many uses in our daily lives and will serve well for a long time period. It is very useful for everyone, for people of all streams. The holder has 23 to 24.8 inches chain pull and has a stainless steel cable along with nylon housing, Therefore use the product as you go to the office and wish to keep the keys safely. Or use it when you plan a trip with your family and require attachments for your identity cards and keys.


Specification: Hook Holder – Heavy Duty Reel With Quick Release Hook

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Hook Holder – Heavy Duty Reel With Quick Release Hook
Hook Holder – Heavy Duty Reel With Quick Release Hook


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