A Professional Underwater Mask For Your Safety

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  • It is durable and wear-resistant
  • Activities: swimming, diving, snorkeling, and other underwater activities
  • Snorkel material: High-quality PU
  • Mask size ( L x W x H): 17*11*7CM
  • Snorkel ( Length ): 45CM
  • Package Contents: 1 x Mask, 1 x Snorkel
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A Professional Underwater Mask For Your Safety

Need something more secure, something more robust for all your submarine experiences? Be it for recreation or research work, more and more divers are opting for a professional underwater mask. These are the masks that shield your face from freezing water or pollution in contrast to the half-faced masks covering just your eyes and nose. With so many options to choose from, selecting the right mask for anyone resembles the task of looking for a needle in a haystack. Apart from fulfilling all your needs, the mask also needs to fit in your budget.

Advantages Of Having A Professional Underwater Mask

In a half-faced mask, the diver needs to worry about the regulator in his mouth constantly. Professional underwater masks solve this problem entirely by adding the regulator inside the mask. With an air space in the mask for a finer vision. These masks also provide an option for communication via an intercom system. You can talk to your fellow divers or with the boat above. Instead of just one strap securing the mask place, these professional underwater masks give the option of several straps for a better and more secure fit. 

Coming in different shapes and sizes, these masks have a lens almost the size of your face, which provides the diver with a 180 degree of vision. An ordinary mask would allow the breathing only through your mouth. An underwater mask gives you the freedom to breathe naturally from your nose or mouth. 

What Should You Know Before You Buy

With a greater number of straps and other pieces of equipment, it gets harder to put it on. Also, these masks are expensive and even quite heavier. So carrying it around like a regular mask might not be a good option. But you can easily rent a full-face mask at your destination. 


A professional underwater mask with a greater number of pros than cons can help you enjoy your diving experience to the fullest while taking care of the safety. Consider your objectives and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Specification: A Professional Underwater Mask For Your Safety

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Diving Glasses Mask with Snorkel

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A Professional Underwater Mask For Your Safety
A Professional Underwater Mask For Your Safety


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