Hydraulic Brake Line For An Efficient Braking Mechanism


  • The product works to apply brakes in the bikes.
  • It contains a brake fluid where the force is applied by pressing the brake.
  • It is easy to install and maintain
  • It is available in various colors like blue and red, black and purple.
  • It comes under the category of hydraulic line pull disc brake.


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Hydraulic Brake Line For An Efficient Braking Mechanism

As we all know, applying brakes is not all about one push on the brake. It is about a whole system consisting of the hydraulic brake line as well. The hydraulic disc brake calipers are present for both the front and rear rotors. The product uses the all-new hydraulic line pull clamp technology. It refers to the complete mechanism through which a brake successfully stops or slows down the vehicle. As we press the brake, a pressure arises on brake fluid or built-in brake oil. This pressure flows down through the line to the fluid in the product. This forces the brake pads. The brake pads then push towards the spinning rotor. The friction causes braking torque and this further slows down the bike.

More About The Hydraulic Brake Line

This product with the brake fluid where the maximum force occurs to put a brake. The brake clamp controls the brake of the hydraulic clamp. The cylinder of the clamp contains the brake fluid or the brake oil. The product is a common oil disc clamp. It has been in use commonly in the market. So the method through which the product works is the hydraulic line pull disc brake. Moreover, there are four colors available in it. These are blue, black, purple and red. It is a two-way braking system. This helps in riding safely and securely. More efficiency in the system enhances the overall safety and security of the bike and the rider.

Benefits Of The Product

It helps greatly in eliminating the chances of accidents with its mechanism. The product is far more durable than the one way disc brakes. It further consists of the fixing bolts and fine adjustment bolts. It also consists of the stroke adjustment bolt and cylinder cover. The product fixes in the bike to allow the complete brake mechanism to occur smoothly and effectively.

Hydraulic Brake Line For An Efficient Braking Mechanism

Specification: Hydraulic Brake Line For An Efficient Braking Mechanism

Model Number


Braking System

Hydraulic Disc Brake (Hydraulic Brake Pad)


Disc Brake


Light Alloy


Mountain Bikes



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Hydraulic Brake Line For An Efficient Braking Mechanism
Hydraulic Brake Line For An Efficient Braking Mechanism


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