A Spoke Key For Maintenance And Repair Of Spoke Wheel


  • Role: adjust the tightness of steel wire to protect the wheel from deformation
  • Specifications: 10/11/12/13 / 14G / 15G (8 groove)
  • Tool Size: Diameter: about 4cm / + – 0.5mm/1.57in ± 0.002in
  • Inner hole diameter: about 1.7cm / + – 0.5mm/0.67in ± 0.002in
  • Height(when flat): about 1.3cm / + – 0.5mm/0.51in ± 0.002in
  • Thickness: about 0.5cm / + – 0.5mm/0.20in ± 0.002in
  • Weight: about 55 grams / each
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A Spoke Key For The Maintenance And Repair Of Spoke Wheel

A key is one of those small tools we come cross that the experts use to adjust the wheels and so on. It is also known as a nipple wrench or spoke key. It is basically in T-shaped at the cross-section with an internal thread that runs parallel to the principal axis.

Using A Spoke Key

It is very easy to use a spoke wrench if you know the instructions correctly. It is use for maintenance or repairing purposes of spoke wheels. Also, it helps is bringing the spokes closer to each other. It comes in different sizes too, so be careful in choosing the perfect size for your spoke. You have to fix it on the spoke and remember to turn it clockwise, or else it won’t work. If the spoke is of brass, you can use any size of the spoke nipple, but if it is of aluminum, you cannot use any size.

Do We Find It Useful?

It is available online and even at your neighborhood store. Please check the price and reviews online before buying it from the store. You should buy the perfect size for your spokes but can also have a collection of sizes for future use. Try to get a good quality of wrench that will work fine and have longer durability.


The spoke key becomes very handy when you are traveling from a bicycle, and it can come in need anytime. Always try to keep a general size with yourself. It is not much costlier, hardly a few bucks. Try to buy a durable key that will perform better and can fit in any type of spoke. It is a very common thing to have, or you can even gift it to someone.

Specification: A Spoke Key For Maintenance And Repair Of Spoke Wheel






8 Way Spoke Wrench

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A Spoke Key For Maintenance And Repair Of Spoke Wheel
A Spoke Key For Maintenance And Repair Of Spoke Wheel


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