Linesman Flag Football Referee Flag

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  • This linesman flag has a fluorescent color of the cloth
  • You are comfortable to hold with its sponge materials
  • Material: Sponge/ Cloth
  • Flag size: 47 * 33cm / 18.5 * 13.0in
  • Flagpole length: 50cm / 19.7in
  • Package Content: 1 x 2 pcs Linesman Flag
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Linesman Flag: A Must-Have Equipment To Sports

Linesman flag has an important role when playing a game. This instrument is for the assistant referee for them to determine the points. They have a common name of the “lineman” in the various sports.

Most of the needs of the sport today need this assistant referee. To have a fair way of playing soccer then this flag is helpful. When you want to train as an assistant referee in sports like volleyball, soccer, badminton, and football you need to use this.

Having this linesman flag, this can be used both professional games or the one you just organize with friends. getting a suitable flag for a particular sport is very essential. You can execute the game well. This also helps to determine if the rules and regulations of the game are well executed.


Linesman flag is small and lightweight as well to carry. This is made up of high quality of materials. The combination of sponge and cloth. This is the best thing to use.

This has a fluorescent color cloth so that when you will use it you will be able to determine that easily. This specifically uses for the sports of soccer. Soccer is a very popular game. You don’t need to worry if you want to carry this. You just need to compress when carrying, just to keep it organized.

The length of this is the linesman flag is 1-4 cm. When you want to get a flag for soccer, this needs to have these solid colors. This is to emphasize if the soccer ball is in or out. The thing is that this will be the basis for the score in a particular situation.

Do you want to have this linesman flag for your sports? Get yours and play soccer with the appropriate application of rules.

Specification: Linesman Flag Football Referee Flag

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Linesman Flag Football Referee Flag
Linesman Flag Football Referee Flag


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