Lock Nuts For Rims To Protect The Wheels From Theft

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  • Very helpful in preventing theft of wheels and tires.
  • Strong, great quality and durability.
  • Completely a brand new product.
  • Applicable specifically to specific brands of cars.
  • Come in different teeth numbers.
  • Package contents: 1 piece.
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Lock Nuts For Rims To Protect The Wheels From Theft

We all want to protect our belongings from the chances of theft like through lock nuts for rims. And if the chances are high, then we should tale several precautions to safeguard those stuff like wheels. So the wheel locks are greatly in use as they work to prevent the wheels from theft. They work to lock the wheels so that the wheels cannot be move easily. This makes it difficult for others to take away the wheels or the vehicle. These wheel locks come with different numbers in teeth. They are suitable for different brands of cars. It is 2 cm wide and its length is 2.7 cm. Another is 1.7 cm and 1.4 cm wide on the two sides and 4 cm in length. Let us see more about the wheel locks.

Wheel Locks And Lock Nuts For Rims

The product is a brand new product and has an impressible high quality. It comes with a specified warranty and serves a great purpose. While using the wheel locks, you will just need some key particular to them. These keys will help you with installing and removing of the locks on the wheels of your vehicle. The wheel locks must be compatible with the car. So get the right one that best suits your car. Also, you will require a long lug wrench or breaker bar in order to get enough torque to carry out the installation and removal processes.

More Regarding The Wheel Locks

They place themselves in the place of your car’s lug nuts. Wheel locks are among the popular ways of keeping the wheels and vehicles safe from the chances of theft. At least, they can work as a minor nuisance for the thief hoping to steal your car. The locks greatly help to reduce the risk of losing the wheels and the tires to a thief. They just fit on each wheel and make it tough to remove the lug nuts without a key.

Specification: Lock Nuts For Rims To Protect The Wheels From Theft

Item Type

Nuts & Bolts


For Volkswagen For Audi ( No Fit BMW )

Model Name

8D0601139F 8D0 601 139 F 1K0698137A 1K0 698 137 A

External Testing Certification


Item Length


Item Width


Item Height


Item Weight


Material Type


Special Features

Note: Only Lock Nut, No Screw Bolts!!!

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Lock Nuts For Rims To Protect The Wheels From Theft
Lock Nuts For Rims To Protect The Wheels From Theft
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