Marker Cone Obstacles Skating Training Equipment


  • Train more effectively and learn new tricks
  • Improve your performance on the board
  • Be a better skater than ever before
  • Train with the best gear in the industry
  • Push yourself to new heights
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Marker Cone Obstacles Skating Training Equipment

Do you love to try new tricks on your board? Check out our skateboarding cones, they’re perfect for all levels of skating. As an added detail, these cones are double-sided; one side has a small hole to insert the cone into the ground and the other is flat with two protrusions on either end of its surface that can then be inserted into the ground level for further stability. Our ForeSport skatepark building equipment is guaranteed to help you feel like an Olympic skater!

Skateboarding cones are necessary for all levels of skating and ForeSport has the right purchase for you. Our product is light and flexible, making it easy to throw out onto a street or sidewalk to take your friend’s minds off their self-doubt as they start skating again. Have an ambitious plan in mind? Check out our advanced skateboarder cones!

The perfect cones of any aspiring rainmaker’s dreams, ForeSport Skateboarding Cones are the newest way to get amped on inline skating. Whether you’re rolling by yourself or with friends, these amazing cones will keep your flow going strong! With helpful features like strategically placed steps and guidelines for beginners (and anyone who wants to improve their skills!), these long-lasting equipment pieces are the miracle that every skater has been waiting for.

Our world-class set of cones is sure to offer endless hours of fun. With so many tricks and stunts to try, the possibilities are infinite. We’re always looking for fresh new ways to get our products in your hands. Just order this product right now before they sell out!



Specification: Marker Cone Obstacles Skating Training Equipment



Derivative Series





Training Logo Plate Combination (obstacles)


new composite material (bright color, high toughness), PE material;


Football training equipment

Type 1

Obstacle sign

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Marker Cone Obstacles Skating Training Equipment
Marker Cone Obstacles Skating Training Equipment


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