Mermaid Flippers For Diving And Swimming

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  • Mono-fins or mermaid foot fins perfect for practicing swimming and training leg muscles
  • It is perfect to be used in diving, swimming, and in many cases
  • It is made of high-quality rubber materials, comfortable to wear, and durable
  • Color: Pink / Blue / Black
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Size for adults: 48 x 44 x 18.5 cm
  • Size for children: 41 x 37 x 17.5 cm
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Mermaid Flippers For Diving And Swimming

Mermaid flippers are the beautiful swimming accessories that you often see worn by some swimmers. They are also for fictional mermaids in some live shows. They look beautiful and are very interesting as well. However, you will know that it serves more purpose than how it looks. Although the design is to be entertaining, it actually is ideal for building leg muscles. If you are a swimming enthusiast, this gear is perfect for you. You can use it for training. And you may improve your diving skills because of it. Not only is it beautiful but it’s also very creatively beneficial for our bodies.

Purpose Of The Mono Flippers

These mermaid flippers are also famous as foot fins that you can wear while swimming. Although it looks like a mermaid’s fin, but the purpose of it is to increase swimming efficiency. This tail fins, or otherwise called as mono-fins are chosen to improve the swimmer’s ability. Comparably, these fins make a real mermaid swim faster and help them withstand the ocean currents. The same purpose is injected in this mono-fin. It is designed to make a person swim as powerful as a mermaid. By the looks of it, you can strengthen your leg muscles as you exert more effort to swim when both feet swim in the same motion.

Product Features Of The Mermaid Flippers

This product is submersible and is perfect to use for scuba diving, snorkeling, or plainly swimming. It is perfect to wear and use in the underwater ocean or in the swimming pool. It is comfortable to wear for both adults and children. In addition, it is flexible and is portable to bring. It doesn’t occupy so much space in your travel bag. It is also durable as its material is rubber. It’s very flexible so you can move it in any motion as you wish. Also, it builds leg strength and increases your confidence underwater. It is definitely great for training and open water swimming.

It has a tail fin. These tail fins are very lightweight. It only weighs 200 grams. It comes in different colors such as pink, blue, and black. Also, it is perfect for both adults and children. The size for adults is 48 x 44 x 18.5 cm. And the size of children’s fins is 41 x 37 x 17.5 cm.


Specification: Mermaid Flippers For Diving And Swimming

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Mermaid Flippers For Diving And Swimming
Mermaid Flippers For Diving And Swimming


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