Underwater Protector Dive Accessory


  • Made of high-quality neoprene material
  • Has a tough, universal fitting, long-lasting and attractive covers
  • Dimensions: Size- 12cm x 8cm; Thickness- 0.3cm
  • Colors: Black, Red, and Blue
  • Package includes: one unit or set of three or set of six Underwater Dive Protector
  • The package is eligible for free delivery within the United States
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About Underwater Protector Dive Accessory

Have you bought yourself a second stage regulator for your diving needs? Is it getting dusty during storage? The protector dive accessory will ensure that the regulator is safely secured when it is use or during storage. The cover comes with high-quality neoprene material that will keep your second stage regulator away from dust.

It is made available in three color variants to choose from according to the consumer’s terms. It is a vital second stage diving accessory for a smooth as well as safe diving experience.

The cover protector design comes with universal fit all kinds of second stage regulators made perfectly for those who go for diving often. The package may contain one unit, set of three, or a set of six underwater regulator protectors. The package is eligible for free delivery within the United States. The product’s color may slightly vary from the image provided.

Benefits Of Underwater Protector Dive Accessory

Going for underwater diving next weekend with your second stage regulator? Is it safe for use without a premium regulator cover? No, certainly not. The use of regulators underwater makes it prone to rust and a pile of aquatic microorganisms on the regulator’s surface.

To prevent this, make sure to cover your regulators with this neoprene protector. And after use, we tend to simply store the regulators in the same condition but without a safety cover; over time, dust will grow over as well as inside the regulator, which will reduce its life span.

Go Underwater Diving 

Underwater diving can be so much of thrill and adventure when equipped with the right equipment and gears. One such vital tool comes under the second stage underwater dive protector that protects your regulator from any damaged underwater. The neoprene covers protect as well as sealed tight using Velcro straps.

The covers come with a universal fit in all kinds of second stage diving regulators.


Specification: Underwater Protector Dive Accessory

Model Number

Second Stage Regulator Protector



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Underwater Protector Dive Accessory
Underwater Protector Dive Accessory


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