Rope Swivel Connector: Universal Swivel Connector


  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Free from Creaking Noise
  • Materials Used: Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy
  • Size: 10.79cm x 5.5cm (L x W)
  • Tensile Force: 30 KiloNewton (3000kgs/1000lbs)
  • Color: May Vary
  • Weight: 0.120kg
  • Package Inclusion: 1x Rope Swivel Connector
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Rope Swivel Connector: Universal Swivel Connector

Are you annoyed by those creaking sounds of the swivel connector during your aerial yoga session? Well, better replace it with this rope swivel connector. Yes, old and rusted swivel connectors can make those annoying sounds. If you plan on replacing your old with a better rope clamp, you should surely get this product out. So, we’ll take a look at the uses and description of this enhanced chain swivel hook.

Rope Clamp: No More Twisted Knots

This robust and durable is perfect for different outdoor activities. Besides that, you can also use this for your yoga routines, especially aerial yoga sessions. The product is also suitable for all kinds of hanging or rigging uses, including hammocks, swings, and chairs. As mentioned earlier, the product is also perfect for different outdoor activities. It includes rock climbing, additional trekking tools, camping tents, or backpack accessories. Well, indeed, this product will be helpful for you in terms of its different uses.

Rope Swivel Connector Description

This swivel connector is proven to be durable and strong. The product is an industrial quality swivel which is not noisy during frictions due to its free rotation with sealed ball bearings. It can rotate 360 degrees with wide eye holes to fit multiple carabiners. For those reasons, the rope will not twist in a knot, primarily if you use it in different ways. It can withstand the force of about 3000kgs or 1000lbs (30KiloNewtons), making it a durable and strong swivel connector.


The product is made with hot-forged aluminum-magnesium alloy, making it durable, strong, and can last long. The swivel connector has a size of 10.79cm x 5.5cm (L x W). It has a tensile force of 30 KiloNewton or about 3000 kilograms. The color of the rope swivel connector may vary, yet depending on your preference. It is also lightweight, weighing only for about 0.120kg. The package will include a single rope swivel connector.

Specification: Rope Swivel Connector: Universal Swivel Connector

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Tensile force

30KN ( about 3000kg )

Quality Standard

US & CE Standard

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Rope Swivel Connector: Universal Swivel Connector
Rope Swivel Connector: Universal Swivel Connector


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