Non Slip Workout Gloves For Men And Women


  • Weight lifting gloves with anti-skid feature
  • Comfortable with breathable material
  • Sleek designs to choose from
  • Color: Black / Pink / Gray
  • Size: S / M / L
  • Material: Mesh cloth, Super Fiber
  • Package Content:¬† 1 Pair of Half Finger Gloves
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Non-Slip Workout Gloves For Men And Women

Non-slip workout gloves are very essential for fitness activities. Included in the list are cycling, camping, and weightlifting. These workout gloves are designed to protect and provide comfort while engaging in any of these fitness activities. 

These hand garments are thin and light to prevent hands from sweating. They have a breathable material to give comfort while engaging in a very challenging task. Also, they protect the hands from scratches and bruises during intense workouts. In addition, the features of these gloves provide support to the hands as well. And finally, they give a sleek and professional look to the wearer. While this may not have any physical impact, it sure makes the fitness enthusiasts feel good. 

Ordinary, Upgrade and WristBand Upgrade

These fitness gloves for men and women have three different styles to offer. There’s the ordinary, the upgrade style and the wristband upgrade version. All these three styles provide superior quality to support and protect the hand. However, each has a distinct feature to offer.

Firstly, the ordinary style. These have a large non-slip silicone palm area to ensure a firm grip. Moreover, for this purpose, they have a fine quality sticky hook. The material has a breathable mesh fabric and a wiping sweat cloth for a more comfortable experience. And they also have velcro wrist adjustment to ensure the gloves in place.

Secondly, the upgrade style. They have the other features the ordinary gloves have to offer plus more. These have thicker palm silicone to give extra comfort to your hands. This is most useful for weightlifters who go to the gym more often than the others.

And finally, the upgraded wristband version. These are exactly like your upgrade style with one improvement, they have longer velcro straps. Hence, it can give more sturdy support for your wrist

All three styles have a sleek design and are available in colors of black, pink and gray. Likewise, they are all available in three sizes to give you that perfect fit every time: small, medium and large.

Specification: Non Slip Workout Gloves For Men And Women

Brand Name



Weight Lifting Glove

Model Number


Suitable for sports

Fitness, outdoor camping, weightlifting training, cycling

Suitable for age


Suitable for gender

Male / Female


Mesh cloth, Super Fiber


Anti-skid, wear-resistant, breathable



Suitable season

Spring, summer, autumn


Black, pink, grey

Style 1

ordinary, upgrade, Wrist band upgrade

Style 2

Half finger gloves

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Non Slip Workout Gloves For Men And Women
Non Slip Workout Gloves For Men And Women


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