Pull Up Ball: Fitness Equipment For All


  • For training the arm and back muscles.
  • Material used is stainless steel with nylon.
  • Size of the ball: diameter is 2.8 inches.
  • Length of the hanging strap is 5.7 inches.
  • Package contents: 2 x grip balls, 2 x hooks, and 2 x lanyards.


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Pull Up Ball: The Perfect Fitness Equipment For All

There are several kinds of balls or spheres as fitness equipment in the gyms. One of these is the pull up ball. The ball helps in increasing the strength of your forearm muscles. They have a design that lets you have a good grip over the balls. The pull up balls are usable for various kinds of exercises. Some of these are the grip strength training as well as the training in climbing. Learning these skills with the balls will make you develop better endurance and strength. Moreover, the product also allows its users to use the ball for various other things like general fitness. This product further lets you experience many kinds of sports including gymnastics and wrestling.

Various Advantages Of The Pull Up Ball In Fitness

The product is great for sports such as parkour sports, rock climbing, and ninja fighting. They are of course usable at gyms. But if you have a good set up at home, then you may use the product at home as well. The pull up balls come with various interesting and impressive features. Its durability and quality both are great. The ball has its own design as it has a number of grooves overall. This improves your performance and brings joy to the whole workout process. This is also responsible for strengthening your grip over the product while using it. This grip further provides an anti-slipping feature. This is important to prevent any sort of injury to the users.

Features And Specifications About The Spherical Ball

The product keeps the installation and uses easy for all. It is portable, so you can carry it required places. It comes with hooks and a bag for carrying to help with installation. These pull-ups strengthen balls are unisex, which is for both men and women. They have an open design and help you train effectively. The product is great for your daily workout.

Specification: Pull Up Ball: Fitness Equipment For All

Model Number

grip ball


Comprehensive Fitness Exercise


High Elastic Gripping Ball

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Pull Up Ball: Fitness Equipment For All
Pull Up Ball: Fitness Equipment For All


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