A Portable Yoga Mat For Your Yoga Session

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  • It is comfortable and easy to use
  • It is lightweight and of quality material
  • Thickness: 6 mm (Beginner)
  • Length: 180*50CM
  • Size: 180*50*0.6cm
  • Material: EVA, aluminum
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A Portable Yoga Mat For Your Yoga Session

Yoga has been a traditional form of exercise preceding in the Indian culture from ages. It is also an essential exercise while traveling. You can do it anywhere without any external equipment. The only thing you need to do yoga, however, is a portable yoga mat.

How To Use A Portable Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are inherently portable, and you can just roll it out or unfold it to use. Some mats are better than others. There are also reversible mats. If so, take up either side or if both sides look the same, check a look and decide which side is smooth and which side is bumpier. The bumpier side comes up, and the smoother side goes down. The mat should not be sticky. The placement of the mat should be in a perfect position with your body while using it. Use a gentle or soap to wash your mat whenever it gets oily/sticky. It makes the carpet long-lasting and durable.

Buying One For You

You have to understand the importance of buying a portable yoga mat. Things to keep in mind while purchasing a yoga mat are, you should go for grip and not for a slippery one. You should also keep in mind the substance used to make the mat, and it should not be toxic. Always opt for a polyvinyl chloride-free mat. The mat should be lightweight as you can carry it easily anywhere.


Hence, portable yoga mats are very useful and handy while we travel to keep up with our exercise routine. You can spend a few bucks to get a comfortable rug for yourself. Don’t forget to check out the details of the mat before buying. Try buying one and it could be a motivation during the travel to keep exercising.


Specification: A Portable Yoga Mat For Your Yoga Session

Brand Name



6 mm (Beginner)

Model Number

yoga mat




as shown


about 180*50*0.6cm


EVA, aluminum

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A Portable Yoga Mat For Your Yoga Session
A Portable Yoga Mat For Your Yoga Session


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