Outdoor Belay Device Equipment


  • Item Type: Climbing Descender
  • Color Options: black, blue, red, grey, golden, silver, orange
  • Suitable for Hole Diameter: 8-13mm / 0.3-0.5incH
  • Material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy
  • Package includes: Climbing Descender
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In outdoor sports, belay devices function as a break for the climbing ropes through the application of friction. These devices, coupled with the belayer’s so-called braking hand (this hand locks off the rope’s freer end), assist in keeping the rope tension, thus protecting the climber. It is very important to have in order to ensure safety.
For instance, you are going to rock climbing in a steep area. It is indeed very dangerous and can cost your life. It is necessary to administer the help of protective gear like these devices. Even if you ask the experts, they will recommend using these.

Securing yourself very well in each of your outdoor adventures is a must-do protocol. A belay mainly consists of a rope, the harness, and the belay device. Ropes should go through the belay equipment to gather friction and control in case of a fall. The friction will take charge of controlling the fall, keeping you on hold.

The outdoor community recognizes three main types of belay devices. These are tubular, figure 8, and assisted braking.

Types Of Belay Devices

Tubular belay devices are suitable for general climbing. Ropes are usually folded and pushed through the device, plus clipped with a locking carabiner toward the belayer, and the anchor. The friction also stops the rope. Furthermore, there are tubular ones that have ridges for added friction.

Meanwhile, the figure 8 device works best for rappeling. There are forms of this type that are rigged to belay the climber. These are shaped like the number eight, consisting of a larger and smaller hole.

The third main type, which is the assisted-braking belay device, is designed and made to lock down on the rope during such time that a sudden force meets the climber. It is also referred to as auto-blocking, self-locking, and self-braking.

Notable Features

Our product has a ring forged with high-strength metal that’s unbreakable and wearable. Thus they are also easier to maintain. It has 35KN heavy-duty, making these suitable for any climber. The main load-bearing is the big holes, with the smaller ones acting as the connector in between the safety belt and the rope. The package includes the climbing descender.

Specification: Outdoor Belay Device Equipment

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Outdoor Belay Device Equipment
Outdoor Belay Device Equipment


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