Running Arm Sleeves: Sports Wristband Bag 

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  • Stylish & Sporty Look
  • Comfortable, Durable & Washable Material
  • Soft, Comfortable & Adjustable Strip in a pleasant sensation
  • Flexible and lightweight armband case, provide full protection to your phone’s screen and edge
  • Convenient and secure protection while on the move and during exercises
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Running Arm Sleeves: Sports Wristband Bag


People who do physical exercise always face the problem of keeping their belongings near them. They need something like a bag or a pouch they can carry along with them to keep small items like keys, cards, or mobile phone. Therefore there are running arm sleeves pouches to solve their problem. Apart from this, other uses and features of the sleeve also make it useful. 


Features And Uses Of The Running Arm Sleeves


The running arm sleeve is of high-quality material. It is comfortable for the user and highly durable and easily washable. They fit comfortably on the arm and is hassle-free. It helps to keep the items inside a zipper pouch. The pocket is sewed in the arm sleeve. It gives a stylish and sporty look to the wearer. The material is also soft and comes with an adjustable strap to fit in any hand. The fabric of the product is elastic and thus, flexible. It is lightweight, therefore, does not add weight on the hand of the users. It gives full protection to the phone’s screen and edges. The sleeves keep the items secure inside it when the person is running or doing any physical exercise. The users can also use it to wipe off the sweat. It absorbs the sweat easily and dries quickly.




The arm sleeve is of high-quality stretchable material. It has an in-built zipper pouch to store small items. The sleeved arm comes in two sizes, long sleeve, and short sleeve. Apart from storage space, it is also used to wipe sweat. Its zipper pouch is large enough it store mobile phones. The stitch of the sleeve is reliable and highly durable. Therefore a person can wear it every day. It comes in black color, which gives it a stylish and sporty look. It is appropriate for all the athletes who play various games, are involved in multiple sports and physical workout sessions.



Specification: Running Arm Sleeves: Sports Wristband Bag 

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Jeebel Camp

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2019 new







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Running Arm Sleeves: Sports Wristband Bag 
Running Arm Sleeves: Sports Wristband Bag 


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