Safety Lanyard Strap: Nylon Climbing Rope

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  • Comes In Color Black And Made From 1000D Nylon Material
  • Water-Resistant And Anti-Corrosive
  • Lightweight With A Net Weight Of 0.11 Kg
  • Size Is 280 X 2.5 X 0.12 Cm
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For field operators, safety lanyard straps are an essential anchor point. This Nylon strap is secure and consequently great for various tasks like climbing, hiking, etc. Use it to protect the attached hammock rope from unwanted fiction or increase rope length. It can also be used for stable trees and prevent injuries.

Prime product highlights:

The strap is ideal outdoor camping, traveling and as a result highly portable sling. It comes in color black, and its size is 280 x 2.5 x 0.12 cm. The strength and durability of the product, therefore, comes from the 1000D Nylon material used to produce it. The Safety Lanyard Strap is exceptionally lightweight with a net weight of 0.11 kg. You won’t need to worry about its durability as it can take up to 500 kg load. Also, you can easily carry it in your bag as you climb or go for a hike. The strap made with 1000D Nylon ribbon makes it is water-resistant and firm. You can use it for all kinds of outdoor activities with ease.

1000D Nylon Strap uses:

Take this easy to carry strap to your hiking, climbing, and camping trips. You will be surprised how many everyday tasks it makes easier. Each thread is expertly stitched and therefore delicately designed to look visually pleasing. The strap has ten nods and is a total of 280 cm in length. It can be used to install swings, ropes, and even work on heights if required. The strap will not let you down as each node is made with an arc design. You will notice how smooth and firm the belt is when in use because it is made to remain uniform. The high-quality material used makes it extremely durable and lightweight. Another great use is that no matter the weather, it will not wiggle because it is water-resistant and anti-corrosive. Get ready to take your outdoor adventures and climbing tours to the next level.

Specification: Safety Lanyard Strap: Nylon Climbing Rope

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Safety Lanyard Strap: Nylon Climbing Rope
Safety Lanyard Strap: Nylon Climbing Rope


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