Sail Surfing Easy Setup Folding Popup Board

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  • Add more fun and excitement to kayaking and surfing with this sail
  • With a compact design, durable,  easy to set up and deploy
  • Comes in five different colors
  • Material: Taffeta / PVC
  • Size: Approx.   118cm x 118cm
  • Package content:
    • 1 X Sail
    • 1 X Storage Bag
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Sail Surfing Easy Setup Folding Popup Board

Sail surfing easy setup folding pop-up board is an accessory that can make your surfing or kayak a little more extra. It is durable and strong. It is crafted with high-quality material. With this pop-up sail, it can transform your boards into a whole new one. More powered because of an additional source.

Material Used

The materials used for this foldable sail are taffeta and PVC. High-quality, durable and sturdy.  A triple stitch sewing system for the seams to ensure durability especially when hit by wind. An unbreakable material is used for the perimeter batten.

Metal Carabiner

The sail comes with a high strength carabiners. This is the one that connects the sail with your boat firmly. As a result, it enhances a stable grip. Keeping the sail intact even with a strong wind.

Clear View

The special transparent window design of the sail makes you see the view at the back. More than you see the view from the back, it is for safety measures to let you see if there are any obstacles that you might hit.

Advantages of the Sail Surfing

One of the main and obvious benefits of using a sail on your surfboard is the speed that you can gain from it.  With the sail, you can get extra help because of the wind. As a result, you get to move faster, and farther. Furthermore, you need not exert so much effort on paddling. You can just let the sail do its job.

Lastly, the sail is ideal if you wish to go for long-distances, explore more on places that you wouldn’t reach just by paddling alone. The sail helps you have a little break from paddling without being stagnant in one place. You can still keep moving without any paddling effort.

Specification: Sail Surfing Easy Setup Folding Popup Board

Brand Name






Capacity (Person)


Hull Material


Model Number


Outdoor Activity





Folding Popup Board Wind Paddle


Taffeta + PVC

Expanded Size

46 inches (118x118cm)

Storage Size

41cm (diameter)




Green , Red ,Blue , Orange , Dark Green

Scout Model

Entry Level

Sail Area

9.62 sq. ft. (0.8937 sq. m2)

Target Wind Range

4 To 13 Knots

Target Boat

Touring Kayak, SOT 8 to 15 feet

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Sail Surfing Easy Setup Folding Popup Board
Sail Surfing Easy Setup Folding Popup Board


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