Scuba Goggles Or Diving Masks For Underwater Activities


  • It is an anti-fog, durable glasses and wide visual.
  • It has a frame-less design
  • The strap material is top silicone.
  • Food grade silicone, seamless fitting.
  • Hot stamping logo: no falling off, great highlighting, professional quality.
  • Various colors: black and clear.
  • Package contents: 1 diving mask.
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Scuba Goggles Or Diving Masks For Underwater Activities

Diving masks are one of the most essential accessories for underwater activities. The scuba goggles or the diving masks are of the silicone material. The material is of considerably high quality. You may also call them diving glasses. They have several important functions to help you while you are underwater. The lenses in the goggles are of the professional diving toughened glasses. Further features are there in the product making them the best goggles for all such activities like scuba diving and more.

Features Of The Scuba Goggles

The diving masks or the diving glasses have a frame-less design. It is full silicone molding. The lenses also have some distinguishing features. One of these is the scratch resistance feature of the lenses. Furthermore, they are good ones with long service life. Appreciable durability proves to be economic for the users and more convenient as well. Moreover, the glasses have a double seal design. This design is very effective for divers. This is because it functions to prevent the entry of water. No doubt, the product is a professional diving set. It comes with various useful features and suitable specifications.

Specifications Of The Product

The product is a high-quality mask along with a breathing tube. Talking about the tube, it is a breathing tube deep-diving snorkeling. That refers to the fact that all can use this product. It may be any diver going deep down for snorkeling. The silicone material causes no skin allergy. It is soft as well as comfortable. The food-grade silicone gives a seamless fitting to all the users. The measurements of the mask can be stated as 152 mm and 167 mm as the upper and lower lengths, respectively. Similarly, the width or the measurements of the sideways are 79 mm as well as 95 mm.

The colors available for the product are black and clear. So you may choose any one of those as per your choice and interest. The mask material is high-grade silicone with the lens material being anti-fog durable glasses. Moreover, the design of the product is unisex. So both men, as well as women, can easily use the diving mask. Also, there is a logo for the highlighting feature.

Specification: Scuba Goggles Or Diving Masks For Underwater Activities

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Scuba Goggles Or Diving Masks For Underwater Activities
Scuba Goggles Or Diving Masks For Underwater Activities


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